March 13, 2015

Better Late Than Never Blog Reveal and Giveaway!

Somehow it's been almost a MONTH since I rolled out my brand new blog (designed by the amazing Alexis at Laugh Eat Learn who is amazing and you should totally ask her to design...ANYTHING) and I haven't hosted a giveaway yet to celebrate!!

How did this happen?!?

(Answer: LIFE.)

Anyhoo. I'd like to set things right, and since it's better late than never, here are two awesome prizes you can enter to WIN!

To celebrate, both Alexis and I are giving away a great prize to two lucky winners!! 
Enter below to win!

I'm giving away a 
$25 TpT Gift Card!

and Alexis is giving away
$50 to use towards a custom blog design! 

 Good luck! And thanks for visiting my little space on the interwebs! :-)


  1. Your blog looks awesome! :) I love the colors!

  2. I love it! Better late than never is my motto for most things. ;)

  3. Great job on the new blog! It looks so lovely! Keeping my fingers crossed for the gift certificate! I have a ton of clipart on my wishlist!

    Have a great day!

    Miss Monica

  4. Your blog looks amazing! I am in awe of your move from middle school to second grade!

  5. I am really excited at the thought of a new blog design! I have had a basic blog for a year and a half and it's time for something awesome!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)